Best Gun Safe for Cars 2016

Carrying a concealed weapon in today’s crazy and unpredictable world gives the pro-gun individuals a peace of mind knowing we can defend ourselves or our loved ones when shit hits the fan. Concealing a firearm on a regular basis, it eventually becomes a part of your body that you sometimes forget that it is there.

Unfortunately, there are certain situations where we have to leave our weapon behind. To complicate things even further, if you are not home and able to place your gun securely in your safe, what will you do? You do not want to leave a loaded firearm under the front seat of your car. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best gun safes for cars that will give you the option to safety store your pistol when you go about your business.

Top 5 Best Gun Safe for Cars


Car Safe



Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe$$$$$3.8
Stack-On PC-650 Portable Safe with Electronic Lock, Black$$4.0
Sourcingbay Fingerprint Pistol Safe Box Gun Vault Jewelry Safe Box Car Home Biometric Keyless$$$$3.6
Ivation Electronic Gun Safe w/Mechanical Pop-Open Door - Solid Steel Construction & Hidden Wall/Floor Anchoring Design$$$4.3
First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe$$$5.0

What should you look for when picking your car gun safe?

Ability to secure the safe to your car:

The best car safe that you pick for your situation in most cases should have the ability to secure the vault so a burglar cannot just walk off with the safe. Most car guns safes come with an included steel cable that you can lock around a something that is permanently bolted to your vehicle, for example the front seat of your car. If you choose a safe that is not bolted in, you might as well not have a safe in your car in the first place. If you are this person, we at challenge you to be a responsible gun owner to prevent the access to unauthorized users.

Alternative securing option:

Not all gun owners want to secure their car/truck gun safe with a steel cable. There are options on the market allow you to bolt a gun that allows promotes a better stronghold for your pistol. This option also allows a larger safe that has more cubic feet available to store multiple firearms or other valuables. There are designs for the trunk, under a seat or the center console of your car.

Opening the safe:

Depending on how quick you would like access to your car gun safe will help you decide on which safe best fits your needs. Do you want a biometric car gun safe in the event you need your pistol as quick as possible? Does the speed at which you can access your firearm not matter because this safe is mostly to have a secure place to put your gun when you are picking your children up at school, or going into a building that restricts concealed carry? There are mainly three different options to choose from for a car/truck gun safe; the biometric fingerprint entree, combination locks, and gun safes that are accessed by a key. (check out under bed gun safe guide)

Staff Picks: Top 3 Car Gun Safes

The Gunvault MV500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe is’s Top Car Gun Safe for the money with all the features that it includes.

  • Biometric entry that allows quick and reliable access.
  • Comes with two override keys in case you forget your combination or the batteries die.
  • Security cable to secure this safe to a bolted item in your car.
  • A high strength lock mechanism that to make sure your valuables are secure.
  • This vault is constructed of 20-gauge steel.
  • The interior of this safe is lines with a soft foam to protect your firearms.

The Stock-On PC-650 Portable Safe is the next in line when it comes to the Best Car Safes in 2015. This safe offers a reliable digital locking system for a moderate price. This vaults features is as follows:

  • Electronic lock that allows a custom programmable combination from 3 to 8 digits.
  • Safe comes with a backup override key.
  • The slim design allows this vault to easily fit under a car/truck seat.
  • Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines.
  • Comes with a secure steel cable.
  • Foam padding to protect any firearm from scratches.

The last pick we are reviewing on this post is the Sourcingbay Fingerprint Pistol Safe. This specific gun vault has an array of features that would appeal to anyone that travels frequently and would like to store more valuables.

  • A patent appearance design.
  • Patent quick set-in carrying cable design for convenience and flexibility.
  • Three-dimensional multilayer pocket design.
  • Constructed of 19 gauge powder coated steel.
  • Biometric entry powered by 4x AA batteries.
  • Automatically pops open when an authorized fingerprint is used.
  • Detachable security cable to secure your safe to any well studded structure.

Here at we encourage you to be a responsible gun owner and take the proper precautions to properly store your firearm when you are at home and on the road. We promise you, the piece of mind you will have knowing your sidearm is appropriately secured when you are in a situation when you are not legally able to carry.

If you are looking for additional storage options, please feel free to browse our wide array of Best Gun Safe Reviews that we offer.

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