Choosing the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Once you have purchased a gun safe like a responsible gun owner to prevent theft or unauthorized access to your firearms or other valuable possessions, your next purchase needs to be a Gun Safe Dehumidifier. It seems like common sense to immediately purchase one of these when you buy a gun vault, but many people unfortunately make the mistake of overlooking this critical item. encourages you pick up one of the dehumidifiers referenced below to decrease humidity levels in your gun safe or else you risk corroding your firearms.

It’s crazy to think people will purchase hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in weaponry and not take the proper precautions to help prevent rust build up on their guns, it’s a no brainer to pick up a few of the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier’s for sale to place in your gun safe. (Click here to see all safe dehumidifiers)

 Gun Safe Dehumidifier Reviews & Ratings 2015





Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifer

Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier - Moisture Indicating

Cannon Safe 9000-3GS-12 12-Inch Dehumidifier Rod

Remington Model 500 Mini-Dehumidifier

Stack-On SPAD-100 Wireless Rechargeable Dehumidifier for Stack-On Long-Gun Safes

GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier

Dry-Packs 3gm Cotton Silica Gel Packet, Pack of 20

A Gun Safe Dehumidifier is a Must!

Dehumidifiers are used to extract the moisture out of the air, making the surrounded environment as dry as possible. Just think if you need to use a dehumidifier in your basement because it gets that moldy smell and wet feel, imagine how humid the inside of your gun safe is. The reason why you need a Gun Safe Dehumidifier is because the corrosive chemical reaction that happens over a period of time when steel/metal are exposed to a humid environment. The longer your safe has gone without a dehumidifier, the greater chance the lasting effects of rust will take on your fire arms. There is no time to waste, purchase your dehumidifier today!

How they work!

When it comes to Gun Safe Dehumidifier’s there are only a few options, which makes your decision a lot easier on which one to purchase. The more popular and convenient option are mini wireless dehumidifiers. They work by having a renewable silica gel technology which means there are no batteries needed. These items will silently absorb the moisture in the environment, they conveniently have a meter that reads how full the gel crystals are. The great part is once the gel has absorbed the moisture, you can remove the unit and plug it in for about a half a day and the gel crystals renew themselves and are ready to be inserted back into the safe.

Another option you have is a dehumidifier that plugs in. Depending on the type of safe you have, this could be a challenge to power the unit. Some safes conveniently have electrical outlets inside so the installation would be a breeze. It becomes slightly more difficult if your safe is bolted to the ground with no outlet.

The last option for lowering the humidity levels in your gun safe is using Silica Gel Canisters or packets. The gel in the canister can be rechargeable by baking the gel to remove the moisture and packets are disposable once the moisture is collected in the gel.

 Eva-Dry E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

This wireless unit is perfect use in your gun safe, the dimensions are made to hold enough gel to absorb the humidity and to be compact enough to not take too much space. Eva-Dry is one of the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers for the money.


  • Reduces humidity levels in a 500 cubic ft space.
  • Cordless and does not require batteries.
  • Renewable Silica Gel that allows for multiple uses.
  • Mess free
  • Non-toxic

Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Dehumidifier Canister

This unit works by just opening the top and placing in your gun safe and allowing the gel to absorb the moisture when the safe is closed. There are no batteries or electricity needed, just put it in your safe and forget about it.


  • 750 grams of Silica Gel to absorb moisture.
  • Contains moisture captured indicator to show when the gel needs to be reactivated.
  • Ability to reactivate the gel for multiple uses.

The staff wants to ensure that your firearms arms are kept in the best possible condition while storing them. Placing a dehumidifier in your gun safe will not only ensure your guns will be rust free, but they will work flawlessly you use them on the gun range.

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