Guide to the Best Under the Bed Gun Safes

Are you looking for the best under bed gun safe of 2016? Here on this page we review some the top under bed gun safe on Amazon. Not only are we going to share the reviews and ratings on each gun safe but we are also going to share the best buys for the money. Having a hand gun in your possession is a big responsibility and if anything happen to the gun depending on the state you can get in a lot of trouble. That’s why it important to have a good under bed handgun safe. So if you’re looking for a quick access gun safe they check out some the Best-Sellers reviews directly from Amazon.

Top Quick Access under Bed Gun Safes List 2016


Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe + Free 52" Dean Safe Rifle Sock

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe, Semi-Flat Black

Monster Vault Under Bed Safe T1261

SecureIt Tactical Fast Box Model 47: Hidden Gun Safe

Under Bed Stealth Vault w/ Free American Security Dehumidifier Pack

BARSKA Biometric Safe

Why have a gun safe under your bed?

Everyone should have a safe if they own guns. Especially if you have little kids or kids at all, the last thing you want if for them to have access with it. Owning a gun comes with a lot of responsibility and if anything happens with your gun you hard held reliable. To prevent this from happening find a best gun safe on the market. They have several different types of safe with all sort of features like, quick access, under bed ones, fireproof, and so on… Be sure to check all the feature of each safe before making your final decision. Also you might want to think about a gun safe dehumidifier.

Best Gun Safe Brands 2016

When it comes to choosing the best brand for gun safes is recommended. If you’re not sure what brand to choose that’s OK. We are here to help find the best gun safe brand to buy. Below are some of our recommended brands for when choosing a new gun safe.

  • GunVault
  • SenetrySafe
  • Barska
  • Stack-On
  • V-Line

These are the top 3 safe brands for gun I would highly recommend. However, choosing another brand is fine just making sure you read your reviews and do you research. There are hundreds of brands to choose from but the ones above my recommendation to you. These are very reputable companies that make the greatest pistol safes.

Top Under Bed Gun Safes with Quick Access

If you are looking for a quick access gun safe make sure it is that. Having one of these types of safes under the bed is very popular for protection. If you looking for a safe that you can access fast I would check out some of the safes list here.

Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe

If you’re looking for the best Biometric gun safe for under your bed then I would high recommend the Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe. It has a very nice and clean inside that is lined with foam to protect your guns condition.  It has a biometric scanner that provides ultra-quick access to your pistol at any time and also comes with backup keys. It’s a very super heavy duty safe that built with 16-guage steel. On top of that, it has a spring loaded door with tamper resistance which makes it’s just about impossible to break into. Its battery allows it to become a portable hand gun safe when needed to be and also has a LED light that shows low battery level.

All in all this is of the best under bed gun safes for sale on amazon. Coming in at around $200 this is one of the most popular, best-selling, and durable gun safes to buy. You can check out the full review and features on the Gunvault GVB1000 Mini at below.

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

This is a durable and quality fast access hand gun safe. You can access this safe with a key or a quick combination for the times you need to grab is with one hand. It has a backlit electronic lock that secures your pistol from unwanted access. This amazing electronic hand gun safe is portable and be used to carry your weapon in the car or hidden inside the house. It’s one of the best-selling safes that you will find for under $70. Feel free to click the link below to check out the full review on this safe and its features.

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